Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day 2011

Do you remember when the MLB held opening day in Japan?

...that was stupid.

This year, we've got a slate of six games. And they'll all be held in America.

As exciting as opening day is - and it sure is exciting - there's still one huge knock on baseball. It's the classic MLB problem: so many teams are already out of the running, and no one's even thrown a pitch. That said, here are the Sports Casual MLB predictions:

American League
East: Boston Red Sox
Central: Minnesota Twins
West: Texas Rangers
Wild Card: New York Yankees

National League
East: Washington Nationals
Just Kidding: Philadelphia Phillies
Central: Cincinnati Reds
West: San Francisco Giants
Wild Card: Atlanta Braves

Wow! Those are some bold picks. But seriously. I'll take the Kansas City Royals over the New York Mets in the world series. And by that I mean the Boston Red Sox over the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Can we just play for a couple months and then skip right to the playoffs?

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