Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness Day 1: A Few Thoughts

It's the most wonderful time of time year. The tournament is finally underway. On Day 1, we already saw 9 single-digit margins of victory, 4 last (or near last) second wins, and 3 upsets. Here are a few team-by-team thoughts from day 1.

Butler - Seriously, this again?

Princeton - Hats off to the Tigers. Nobody expected you to win, and you didn't. But nobody expected you to be competitive, and you were.

Louisville - Yikes. Yes Morehead State was a pretty good team for a low seed, but you really dropped the ball on that one. Thanks for busting brackets everywhere. (P.S. Yes, it was a foul).

Michigan St. - At last, the season mercifully comes to an end.

St. Johns - Too bad they can't play all the tournament games at Madison Square Garden.

Pittsburgh, UConn - Well, that was exactly as boring as everyone expected.

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  1. no way it was a foul. he just stood there with his arms straight up and got all ball.