Friday, March 11, 2011

Countdown Friday: The Top 7 Reasons To Love March Madness

7. Upsets - Every year, early round games in particular are rife with surprise endings.

6. Productivity Plummets - Talk about an adverse supply shock. And who doesn't love CBS's "Boss Button."

5. Gambling - Nothing like losing a few bucks because you picked Villanova to make the Final Four.

4. Gus Johnson - America's most enthusiastic announcer is sure to go wild.

3. Cinderella Stories - Butler, George Mason...will there be a new cinderella story in 2011?

2. 67 Games to Watch - Clear your schedule.

1. Buzzer Beaters - There's no thrill in sports quite like that of the buzzer beater. And during March Madness, it seems we get new ones to talk about every day.

(A countdown within a countdown? Now that's wild.)

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