Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 2

In just the second week of the season, we may already be seeing some of the best and worst teams emerge from the pack. Two 2-0 teams have already managed to crack the 220 point mark, while one 0-2 team hasn't even mustered a total of 100. Of course, there's still plenty of time for this to change. Let's expect a blockbuster deal or two in the next few weeks. But I digress. Here are the results from week 2:

Vanilla Thunder (2-0) def. Backside Georges^2 (0-2), 123-71
-Vanilla Thunder grabbed another impressive victory and has to be considered the early frontrunner in the league. Tom "Terrific" Brady led the way with 28 points, while RBs LeSean McCoy and Jahvid Best each contributed 23 points to the effort. Backside Georges^2 has to be concerned after another big loss, but did get some good WR play from Larry Fitzgerald (19) and Calvin Johnson (14).

Arian Foster's Hammy (2-0) def. Team Trick or Vick (0-2), 104-70
-The woes continue for Team Trick or Vick, as Arian Foster's Hammy got past two 0 point scorers to put up 100+ points. Despite bagels from Dez Bryant and Mike Williams, Arian Foster's Hammy had another great week. Matt Stafford tallied 25 points, and RBs Darren McFadden and Michael Turner combined for 43. Team Trick or Vick only got 11 points from a concussed Vick, and saw decent but not great play from just about every other position.

Dream Team (1-1) def. Abusement Park [aka Balls and Weiners] (0-2), 101-68
-A name change didn't help Abusement Park get a W, as the team dropped its second straight matchup. Dream Team got an excellent performance from #1 overall draft pick Adrian Peterson, who had 26 points. Abusement Park got 15 from a pair of players, but the overall performance left quite a bit to be desired.

CorporateOverlords (1-1) def. Gobias Industries (1-1), 111-88
-Corporate Overlords got some big-time numbers from up and down the roster. Tony Romo (21), Stevie Johnson (15), Rashard Mendenhall (13), Peyton Hillis (20), Neil Rackers (11), and the NYG defense (13) all reached double digits. Gobias Industries got 20 points from TE Rob Gronkowski, but didn't get enough WR production to keep the matchup close.

Shonn of the Dead (2-0) def. The Dream Team (0-2), 126-97
-Shonn of the Dead looks like a force to be reckoned with. The team followed up a 94-point performance in week 1 with 126 points this week. Every player minus Jermaine Gresham was in double digits, including 2 players over the 20 point mark and 2 more with 15+. Fred Jackson led the way with 25. The Dream Team had a strong week, including 32 (!!!) points from Miles Austin, but ran into a tough opponent.

TitForTat (2-0) def. Carson Palmer's 401k (0-2), 108-48
-TitForTat got off to a strong 2-0 start with a huge win. Drew Brees had 22, and recent waiver acquisition Tony Gonzalez scored 20. There's a solid pick up, for sure. The other team in this matchup does not deserve to be mentioned.

Stepdads (1-1) def. The Backup QB (1-1), 95-89
-Propelled by Vincent Jackson's 29, Stepdads eked out a close one. The Backup QB also had a 29-point WR in Jeremy Maclin, but the difference came at defense, where Stepdads' Dallas D had a six point edge on that of the Chicago Bears.

**Special Awards**
Highest Scoring Team: Shonn of the Dead with 126. Hello.

Lowest Scoring Team: Carson Palmer's 401k, for the second week in a row, with 48.
Best Player: The Dream Team's Miles Austin with 32, albeit in a losing effort.
Worst Player: Gobias Industries' Randall Cobb with -1. Maybe week 1 was a fluke.
Best Matchup: Stepdads (95) vs. The Backup QB (89). Always a close game for The Backup QB, it seems.
Worst Decision: Abusement Park for starting L.T. (0 points). This isn't 2006.

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