Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome To The New Sports Casual

After almost 15 months, 260+ posts, and 33,000+ pageviews, Sports Casual has gone through some big changes. The cosmetic ones are obvious. We've also moved to www.sportscasualblog.com (though the old domain will certainly still work). Most importantly, however, Sports Casual is now a collaborate effort. We've added 5 terrific new authors so that you can read daily posts from a wide range of perspectives. Steve, Tyler, Joe, Ned, and Josh will be bringing new styles, new insights, and new humor to your computers.

We've seen some great sports over the last year and a quarter: the Packers won a Super Bowl with what was essentially a second string team plus Aaron Rodgers, the Bruins hoisted the Stanley Cup after a wild seven game serious, Dallas sent LeBron and his evil trio home without a ring, the Giants surprised everyone with a World Series title, Spain ascended to global supremacy with a World Cup title...the list goes on. In the next few days, months, and years, we're sure to see a lot more. And we'll be here whenever you'd like to find a different take on things.

If you want to see highlights (or today's overhyped sports celebrity rumors), you can always flip on ESPN. If you want to see some niche sports and a broadcaster try, there's Versus for that. Sports Casual is by no means meant to be your "#1 Sports News Source;" it's here to supplement the great sports networks and sites that already exist. This blog is insightful but not pretentious. It is bold but not crass, opinionated but not biased, entertaining but not puerile. Above all else, this blog is meant to start a conversation. I am quite grateful towards those readers who keep coming back, and I am certain you'll enjoy the new and improved Sports Casual.

Thanks for being part of the conversation.

(If you'd like to be a guest writer for Sports Casual, simply email your article to sportscasualblog@gmail.com and it will be up on the site within a few days.)

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