Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Rise of Boise

I remember the first time I watched Boise State. As an Arkansas Razorback fan, having a 15th ranked "Mid-Major" come into our home field without a single notable player was actually a little insulting. Maybe if this was on that silly blue field of theirs, they would stand a chance. But not in an SEC home stadium. 41-14 later, they were no longer in the top 25. Boise didn't lose another game that year.

This was 2002. They were a Mid-Major team, with Mid-Major talent, with Mid-Major facilities, and a Mid-Major Athletic Budget. Can't really blame them; they were only 6 years removed from making the jump from Division 1-AA to Division 1-A.

2002 Boise State is not 2011 Boise State. Now they have the 2nd best coach in the country (Guess who's number #1?), NFL prospects (Nate Potter OT, Doug Martin RB, Billy Winn DT, Kellen Moore QB), and respectable (as opposed to horrific) facilities. They've been recruiting off the Oklahoma win (do these plays ever get old?), more national exposure, and a much larger recruiting budget. 2002 Boise State could not dominate Georgia on both sides of the line of scrimmage like 2011.

Which is why Boise State is the most complete team in the country. Too big and physical for teams not as talented as them. Too smart for teams better than them. They can beat you in too many ways, and they have consistently beat top tier teams in different ways over the last few years.

I love Bama and LSU as much as anyone, but they have significant flaws that could cost them at some point this season. Specifically at QB.

Look at the QBs from the last 6 national champions:
Cam Newton
Greg Mcelroy
Tim Tebow
Matt Flynn
Chris Leak (Senior year Chris Leak was significantly better than the previous three years)
Vince Young
Matt Leinart

What do all of these guys have in common? They were consistent and efficient. They may not be the best NFL Draft Prospects, but they are the perfect college QBs.

No one in college football is more consistent and efficient than Kellen Moore. He's the Tom Brady of college football. He may not have the best tools, but he uses pace, numbers, and a constant distribution of the football to keep the chains moving. Even Alabama and LSU won't be able to stop this kid.

2011 Boise State is an SEC team playing in the wrong conference. They won't lose a game this season, despite everyone throwing everything they have at them. In a perfect world, they would end up as National Champions.

But they won't. Because to everyone else, Boise is still the 2002 team who lost to a big time SEC team and then ran the table. Too bad.

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