Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quarterback Carousel

It's been a wild week on depth charts around the NFL. While no teams have hit the proverbial panic button quite yet, many are close. Of the teams that have struggled in the past, some are struggling still, while others are looking to make a playoff push. Either way, basement-dwellers of previous years are looking to secure more wins this season and are shaking things up at the QB position.

Denver Broncos (Tebow in, Orton out)

As far as I can tell, this is a win-win. Broncos fans finally get to see the quarterback they've been clamoring for, the man with the plan, the Messiah. The other 31 teams will certainly welcome the new era of futility that is about to begin in Denver. The Dolphins will get their first win of the season on Sunday, but no one in Denver will care because Tim Tebow will break down and cry at the press conference.

Washington Redskins (Beck in, Grossman out)

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Rex Grossman is (lest we forget) and former Super Bowl starting quarterback, but his propensity - nay, insistance - to generously donate possession of the football to opposing teams is certainly hindering the Redskins' attempt to finally be relevant. On the other hand, Washington is trading in a QB who has thrown 46 career touchdowns for a guy who, despite being in the league since 2007, has thrown just 1. Oh, and did I mention his 3 INTs and 6 fumbles? In a weird way, it almost makes Skins fans miss Jason Campbell.

(Wow, great segway.)

Oakland Raiders (Palmer in via trade, Campbell broken in half)

With Jason Campbell on the shelf for the foreseeable future, Oakland decided to make a splash and trade for "retired" quarterback Carson Palmer. The idea was a good one, but the price that Oakland paid is exorbitant. The Raiders are giving up at least and first- and second-round draft pick, AND they are still on the hook for Palmer's salary ($7.44 million of prorated money this year, $11.5 million next year, $11.5 million in 2013, and $13 million in 2014). Can't even blame Al Davis for this one (too soon?). All Oakland really needs is a guy who can throw slants and screens and hand the ball off (a guy like, say, Jason Campbell). Let's hope the Raiders make a playoff run this year, or the trade will be a huge mistake.

Minnesota Vikings (Ponder in, McNabb out)

Who cares, really. This season is over for Minnesota. This move will probably mark the end of McNabb's time as an NFL starter, which is quite sad, given his impressive body of work. Ponder has a lot to prove as the 2011 Draft reach, but it will be hard to learn about the quarterback when the rest of the team is struggling so much.

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