Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tweets of the day

Here are some of the best tweets of the day from around the NFL. Enjoy!

Faux John Madden: Dez Bryant just did the LeBron powder toss for his TD celebration. It doesn't add up though because Dez scored in the 4th quarter

Faux John Madden: This was such a great week to start Kyle Boller in my points per incompletion fantasy league.

Faux John Madden: It's early in his career, but Christian Ponder is really developing good chemistry with Charles Woodson.

Bill Simmons: Kansas City's offense is trying to get off the field as quickly as possible so Palmer can get the ball back. This is the game of the year.

Sportspickle: Dolphins 6, Broncos 0. I'm losing a lot of respect for Tony Sparano with the way he's running up the score.

Darren Rovell: Dollars made per rushing yard today: Arian Foster ($269/yard) vs. Chris Johnson ($42,483/yard)

Faux John Madden: Love the shot of Dolphins fans cheering like crazy as Denver FG goes through to win the game #SuckForLuck

Matthew Berry: Hahaha RT @2p2TrollCat: @MatthewBerryTMR Raiders just offered their remaining picks in 2013 and their No.1 pick in 2014 for Donovan McNabb.

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