Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Additions

It's the last football game of the year, and I want to see a quality matchup. I want to see star performances. I want to see tremendous plays. I want to see the best game of the year.

I don't want to see players I've never heard of. I don't want to see wide receivers guarding Hakeem Nicks. I don't want to see missed tackles, dropped passes, blown coverages, or anything that might resemble the play we usually see on this field.

So how do we fix this? We throw a new rule into the mix.

What if both Super Bowl teams could add one player from their entire conference to their team just for the Super Bowl? One player, one game contract. Two weeks to learn the system (or at least a few plays). Who would they choose?

Let's go through some options.

  1. Jonathan Joseph - I couldn't choose Revis here, because there is the slight chance the Jet could throw the game when they needed him most. Champ Bailey is a little old and a little overrated. Jonathan Joseph, on the other hand, made the pro bowl this year and was one of the key reasons why Houston turned a historically atrocious defense into one of the league's best. My only concerns with this selection is a) he can't guard all 3 receivers of the Giants, so why bother b) he would limit the schemes they could throw at them and c) well, he's a former Bengal. How's that worked out?
  2. Mike Wallace - Is this necessary? Not really. And with the Giants pass rush, the deep ball may be a non-factor. But I've wanted to see what a vertical dimension would do to this Patriots team all year. Welker underneath, the Tight Ends in the middle of the field, and Mike Wallace over the top. Not to mention, the QB's pretty good. I don't know if they could resist.
  3. Dwight Freeney - My selection. He knows this stadium. The home crowd would definitely side with him. He's arguably the best pass rusher in the game. Has played in a Super Bowl before. Great character guy, who would fit in with the Pats. The only issue is the 3-4 defense, but I don't think a "Super Bowl Addition" is expected to play much anyways. They only have 2 weeks to prepare. Eli makes a living on converting 3rd and longs. Dwight could help prevent that.
Honorable Mention: Terrell Suggs, Mo-Jo, Ray Lewis (moral support), Tim Tebow (God support), Antonio Gates (just so they can run 4 verticals from a goal line formation), Peyton Manning (to prevent his brother from getting another ring)

  1. Cam Newton - The Giants have less needs than the Patriots, so why not bring in a "goal-line back"? I like Brandon Jacobs, but having Cam on 3rd and shorts adds an extra blocker. And the deep ball threat. And a TD machine.
  2. Patrick Willis - My pick. If he's able to matchup with Gronkowski, this pick could end the game. Patrick is deceptively fast, and one of the best coverage linebackers in the NFL. Great addition to one of their weaker positions.
  3. Charles Woodson - Maybe he's a little slow. Maybe he's a little old. But the guys makes plays when it matters most. One of the smartest corners around, he's the type of player who could make Brady hesitate in the pocket, and allow that pass rush to have an extra second or two.
Honorable Mention: Vernon Davis, David Akers, Larry Fitzgerald, DeMarcus Ware, Justin Smith (as if there pass rush wasn't good enough already)

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