Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Let's run through the bowl schedule, shall we?

The best bowl before Christmas: San Diego County Credit Union Poinsetta Bowl
TCU and Louisiana Tech are two of the most underrated teams in the country. Both teams are really hot coming into this game, and Louisiana Tech is just good enough to upset TCU in this game.

Team most likely to shave points: Boise State
If you can't beat them, join them. Las Vegas may be the only place where their conference can make up the money they got screwed out of.

Florida team most likely to win: Florida International
Florida team with the most wins this year? Florida state and....Florida International. Huh?

Highest scoring bowl: AT&T Cotton Bowl
Kansas State gave up a combined 110 points to Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. Arkansas can't stop physical run teams. Fireworks in Jerry's World.

The "Gee, maybe we should go for third in our conference every year " bowl: Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
Shouldn't the best bowls be in the best locations? Why are we rewarding the third best team in the WAC by letting them go to Hawaii. The national championship should be in Vegas, the BCS bowls should stay, Hawaii and Dallas should be the next two biggest bowls, and the worst bowl game should be played in Antarctica.

Best under the radar bowl game: Bowl
Arkansas State and Northern Illinois went a combined 15-1 in conference play. Neither has lost since Oct. 1st. Should be a fun, high-scoring game.

Conference most likely to shine: Big 12
The best conference all season and a lot of favorable matchups. Missing the national championship hurts for Oklahoma State, but at least they can go score 200 hundred on Stanford.

Conference most likely to be exposed: SEC
The SEC will boast the national champion, but this conference has no depth. LSU and Bama are two elite teams, but Auburn, Florida, and Mississippi State are terrible football teams. Arkansas and Georgia have two tough games. Vanderbilt is playing the co-Big East champs. Looks like a potential 2-6, with one guaranteed victory.

The "Sportscenter Not Top 10" Bowl: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
Neither team has a head coach. This could be an all time great if you love bad clock management, blown coverages, failed challenges, terrible halftime speeches, penalties, turnovers, and an overall lack of effort. Oh wait, no one likes those things. Feel free to delete this on your DVR.

BCS National Championship: LSU vs. Alabama
I picked LSU to win the first game because they were more ready to handle adversity. I'm picking Alabama to win this one, because you just don't beat Nick Saban twice in one year. I expect a surprisingly high scoring game.


  1. False. LSU has too much swag to lose to anybody this year, and they definitely won't lose to Nick Saban, the anti-swag.

  2. Las Vegas may be the only place where there

  3. Kansas State gave up a combined 110 points to Kansas State and Oklahoma