Thursday, June 23, 2011

NBA Mock Draft

Which of this year's over-hyped players will instantly become irrelevant?

Tonight, at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, the 30 NBA franchises will attempt to find the stars of the future. There are a lot of mock drafts out there already, and they all share a similar prediction: Kyrie Irving will go #1 overall, Derrick Williams will go to the Timberwolves at #2, and everyone else is not super talented.

Instead of boring you with another mock draft full of rash predictions that will never come true, how about we have some fun and spend our time mocking the draft and this year's wholly unimpressive class?

Feel free to chime in with jabs of your own.

The 2011 Draft Mocking
- This year's draft class has fewer stars than the cast of Mad TV.
- This year's draft pool is so shallow, you'd break your neck if you dove into it.
- Kyrie Irving sucks. (That one needs work).
- This year's draft class is so thin, it could give Mary-Kate Olsen diet advice.
- 2006 Adam Morrison would go #1 overall in this draft. 2011 Adam Morrison would go in the top 5.
- This year's draft has more obscure Europeans than a double decker bus full of soccer hooligans.
- This year's draft is so thin, Rogaine won't do a damn thing.
- This year's draft class is so weak, it would lose to Macaulay Culkin in arm wrestling.

And finally...
-This year's draft will be so boring, it will make for worse primetime television than The Decision.

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