Saturday, November 12, 2011

Better Headbutt?

Zidane's headbutt somehow managed to claim the top spot of my most memorable World Cup moments.

Patrick Kaleta just happens to be a boss. This is somewhat of old news in the hockey community, but I'm guessing that means this is largely unknown of in the wider sports community.

Kaleta had not one, not two, but three great headbutts. I've never seen someone actually almost get hurt from a headbutt until I saw this.

Continuing with the theme of not actually writing a post and just embedding videos, I'll leave it to the readers (most of the other Sports Casual bloggers and my brother) to debate it in the comments: Who had the better headbutt?

I'm obligated to vote for a gritty Western New Yorker who plays for my favorite hockey team over some French guy who can't take some standard Italian trashtalk, but I recognize that some credit needs to be given to the stage. I'm not sure if Zidane should benefit for headbutting in the most important single sporting match over a four year span, or be penalized for getting a red card in it.

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