Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sports Gluttony: A Thanksgiving Feast

Who's hungry for some unforgettable Thanksgiving-weekend sports matchups?

This guy.

Every year, Thanksgiving weekend brings some unbelievable games. This year, however, the games look a little bit unbelievabler than usual. Here's a look at the top 7 games between today and Sunday.

7. Auburn vs. Alabama - This year's Iron Bowl has huge implications for the BCS Championship Game. Of course, the game would be a lot more exciting if Auburn still had one Mr. Cameron Newton to run wild over unsuspecting defenses, but you can't win 'em all I suppose.

6. Detroit Red Wings vs. Boston Bruins - The NHL looks to grab a little attention this holiday weekend with its first annual "Thanksgiving Showdown" on Black Friday. After getting off to a slow start, the Bruins have awoken from hibernation and won 10 straight games, vaulting into 1st place in the Northeast division. Detroit is 7-3-0 it its last 10 games and sits just 2 points out of first place in the Central division. It's Original Six at its finest.

5. New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles - It's easy to forget that there are NFL games on Sunday, too. It becomes especially easy to forget about those games after looking at the unimpressive schedule. Although the circumstances around this game are quite different from what we imagined, this is still a game that football fans circled at the beginning of the season. The "Dream Team" hosts the "really really good team" with the hopes of salvaging the 2011 season.

4. Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions - In a great [somewhat] traditional Thanksgiving matchup, the Lions look end Green Bay's perfect season. In fact, with Jay Cutler going down, it may be the last game that poses any threat to the Packer's perfect record. The only thing that could ruin this game? A halftime show featuring Nickelback.

3. Ohio State vs. Michigan - The historic college football rivalry always brings a memorable game. Officially, Ohio State has won 6 straight, but Michigan fans will tell you that just because the 2010 OSU win was vacated doesn't mean the 30-point drubbing hurts any less. The Wolverines are more than a touchdown favorite and poised to end the losing streak. But hey, they play the game for a reason.

2. San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens - Never in the history of the NFL have teams coached by brothers played against each other. Well, never in the history of human civilization did man have fire until man created fire. J. Harbaugh the younger brings his surprise 9-1 San Francisco 49ers to J. Harbaugh the elder's Baltimore playground. The Ravens, who have a tendency this year to beat good teams and lose to awful ones, should escape this game with a W.

1. Arkansas vs. LSU - What a huge game for college football. Arkansas fans saw this coming all season long. The other 99% of sports fans have been pleasantly surprised. If Arkansas wins, they'll likely create one of the biggest messes in college football history. Not only would there be 3 (or more) teams that could play for the national championship, there would be 3 times tied for HALF of a division title. But really, who needs a playoff?

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