Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NFL Predictions: AFC South

I wonder if I can film another commercial before we get the ball back...
The Tennessee Titans turned the AFC South upside-down face in 2008 when they were actually good enough to win the division. Last year, however, the Colts restored order with what could have been a 16-0 regular season had they not thrown in the towel week 16 vs. the Jets. Despite some slow starts in the AFC South, the division actually turned out to be fairly competitive, with only one team (the 7-9 Jaguars) under a .500 winning percentage.

4. Tennessee Titans - Call me crazy but I haven't hopped on the runaway train that is the Vince Young bandwagon. It will be a shame to see Chris Johnson break more records while playing for a losing team, but that's the way things will go down. Tennessee is lacking a leader and sure could use a decent wide receiver too. And they've got a turnover machine under center. The Titans will be the best 4th place team in the NFL, if that means anything.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - If we were playing Madden, I'd much rather have Vince Young at QB than David Garrard. But in real life, I'll take the latter. The Jaguars are (still) in rebuilding mode, but MJD will be deadly, per usual. Mike-Simms Walker looks to have a breakout year, and offseason addition Aaron Kampman certainly won't hurt the team. The Jags are poised to have 8 wins this season, which, coincidentally, will also be their average attendance.

2. Houston Texans - Aside from having the dumbest name in football (rumor has it the Eagles are changing their name to the "Philadelphia Pennsylvanians") I love this team. Matt Schaub can get the job done (4,770 yards, 29 TDs, 15 INTs last year), and it certainly helps that he's throwing to the best wideout in the NFL. The big question for the Texans is simple: can any of their RBs hold onto the ball? RB by committee isn't ideal, but it'll be good enough. Don't forget - this team had Indy on the ropes in both regular season meetings last year. The Texans will go 10-6 and get a wild card.

1. Indianapolis Colts - Until Peyton Mannings retires, dies, or leaves the NFL to become a full-time TV spokesman, the Colts will be the division favorites. I'm not as impressed with the 2010 Colts as I have been with teams in past years, but then again, I wasn't that impressed with the 2009 squad and they nearly won the Super Bowl. The Colts will, in typical fashion, win the South and get a playoff bye. However, look for them to lose their first playoff game in an offensive shootout.

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