Friday, July 9, 2010

Countdown Friday: The Best Throwback Jerseys in Sports

Everyone is always looking for a sweet throwback jersey that will impress. The keys are to find a combination of great colors, an extinct jersey, and a player that was really good, but might slip out of our minds until we are reminded how awesome they were by seeing you walk by in their jersey. So, I have compiled a list of the 10 best throwback jerseys in sports. There are 5 basketball, 3 hockey, 1 football, and 1 jersey from baseball. Here we go, starting with:

10) Oscar Robertson - Milwaukee Bucks (1972-1973)
The Big O was one of the best players in NBA history, but is rarely in the discussion when we talk about the greats. Combine that with a forest green jersey with red trim and the fact that he played in a minor market like Milwaukee and you have yourself a nice throwback jersey

9) Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers (1955)
Jackie Robinson is one of the best players of all time. He also played for the relocated Brooklyn Dodgers. Talent + historic significance + team no longer existing = Sweet throwback.

8) Ron Francis - Hartford Whalers (1988-1989)
Ron Francis was the best player in Hartford Whaler history. He was the captain, and got to rock these awesome green jerseys with the whale tail on the front. This is a great throwback for any hockey fan from the northeast.

7) "Pistol" Pete Maravich - Atlanta Hawks (1973-1974)
Retro design? Check. Colors that the team doesn't use anymore? Check. Nickname on the jersey? Check. Good white basketball player? Check. This passes every test.

6) Shawn Kemp - Seattle Supersonics (1995-1996)
Affectionately nicknamed "Reignman" due to his thunderous dunks and the fact that he was drafted out of community college, Shawn Kemp was a 6-time all-star. He was a star on a now-relocated team, and this jersey will certainly turn heads.

5) John Stockton - Utah Jazz (1988-1989)
John Stockton is one of the greatest point guards of all time. He was a better Steve Nash before Steve Nash. Stockton and Karl "the Mailman" Malone made a dynamic duo in the NBA for years. Combine all that with these shockingly purple jerseys, and you have a great throwback.

4) Joe Thornton - Boston Bruins Alternate (2002-2003)
While this jersey may be relatively young, it is no longer used by the Bruins. It is also a very loud yellow, and has a giant bear on the front that should probably look more angry than it does. Thornton was the franchise player, and won an MVP award the year after this jersey came out. For the San Jose Sharks. It still hurts.

3) Warren Moon - Houston Oilers (1993-1994)
Warren Moon was a true journeyman. Between his time in the CFL and NFL, he has the most passing yards in football history. He was one of the few black QBs that had gotten an opportunity and found success in the NFL. He was a transcendent player on a team that no longer exists. The powder blue jerseys are pretty cool too.

2) Wayne Gretzky - Indianapolis Racers (1978-1979)
This jersey could be #1 based on its obscurity alone. Before Wayne became the greatest player in the history of hockey, he spent some time in the WHA playing with the Racers, because they didn't have a minimum age limit. He was able to play against a high level of competition at age 17. This team is long gone, and finding a replica jersey like this one is nearly impossible.

And the best throwback jersey of all time is....

1) LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers (2009-2010)
Too soon?


  1. What did we miss??? Post the jerseys that you think got snubbed.

    I'll get it started: Nolan Ryan 1980 Astros jersey.

  2. You should have the 1975 Whalers jersey.

  3. What a great pitcher....

  4. Warren Moon is definitely my favorite on the list. What about a Washington Bullets jersey:

  5. You can really tell the difference of the previous jerseys than the modern one. But even before the advancement of technology arose, different jerseys were already lovable.