Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NFL Predictions: AFC Playoffs

Only two days remain in our preseason football predictions. Today, the AFC Playoffs. Tomorrow, our imaginary Super Bowl.

1. Indianapolis Colts (13-3)
2. New York Jets (12-4)
3. Baltimore Ravens (11-5)
4. San Diego Chargers (9-7)
5. New England Patriots (11-5)
6. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)

Wild Card Round
PATRIOTS over Chargers
The Chargers just can't get it done in the postseason. Ever.

RAVENS over Bengals
An exciting rematch of week 17. Ravens in OT, by the new rules

Divisional Round
PATRIOTS over Colts
Tom Brady channels some vintage 2007 play and wins it in an offensive shootout.

RAVENS over Jets
Mark Sanchez throws a gaggle (or perhaps a multitude, maybe a throng) of interceptions and Rex Ryan doesn't even wait until the post game conference to go all White Goodman on some chicken wings.

AFC Championship
RAVENS over Patriots
In a rematch of last year's divisional playoff, the Ravens once again run wild on the Patriots' less than impressive defense. They'll meet the Packers in the pretend Super Bowl.

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