Friday, August 13, 2010

Countdown Friday: The Top 5 Online Sports Games

5. Mini Golf - A classic. And a great way to kill 15 minutes. Try the newly revamped Candystand version for an excellent alternative.

4. Wiffleball - It brings back memories of younger days. Always play with Kent. He's got some power and he throws a mean riser.

3. QB Shootout - I'm not sure I would have made it through high school without this game. It's the ultimate distraction from homework, or a job, or any of life's troubles. A miracle worker? Maybe.

2. Slapshot Shootout - Another Candystand gem. If you can score 10, I'll be impressed. If you can score 20, I'll buy you lunch.

1. Voodoo Bowl - What could be greater than being a football player who has to avoid zombies en route to the endzone? Nothing, that's what. It's simple to play but nearly impossible to walk away from. Enjoy.

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