Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NFL Predictions: NFC North

Can we get rid of this guy?

Let me start off by saying that I loathe Brett Favre. He is a despicable man. He is one of the most overrated QBs of all time, and he makes me not want to watch Sportscenter. If I had to choose between being locked in a dark, smelly basement for 48 hours with the cast of The Jersey Shore fist pumping to techno that's so loud it'll make my ears bleed or go out to dinner with Favre and his wife at a 5 star restaurant, it would be a coin flip. Now that that's done, lets talk about football:

4) Detroit Lions - They suck. They are two years removed from a winless season and, while the have gotten better, they are still the worst team in this division by far. Matthew Stafford should be a little better this year after an unimpressive rookie campaign, sans his gutsy play at the end of the Browns game last year. The offense will be sub-par, but they do have Kevin Smith and Jahvid Best at RB and Calvin Johnson at WR. The offensive line is porous on a good day. This team has no defense at all, and has football fans everywhere saying "at least we're not Detroit."

3) Chicago Bears - The Bears, once a team to be feared, have lost their bite. The defense is still solid, but is considering less intimidating since the superhuman Brian Urlacher was apparently exposed to Kryptonite. News stations no longer worry about them. The offense could be an x-factor with Jay Cutler at the helm. He has all the talent, but he's kind of a bitch and the receiving corps are very weak. Greg Olson is an elite TE and Matt Forte should have a great season running the ball. Still, the Bears are a 7 win team at best.

2) Minnesota Vikings - The Minnesota Favres are a very solid team and will make the postseason. However, they will not be the force that they were last year. Favre will not put up the same numbers he did last year. I guarantee it. Look for him to throw at least 20 INTs, many of which will be in crucial situations. The WRs are weak now that Sidney Rice is missing the first half of the year following hip surgery and Percy Harvin is sidelines by migraines. The defense is very talented once again, but 10 wins won't be enough to win this division, and that's all the Vikings will be getting this year.

1) Green Bay Packers -  Cheeseheads everywhere rejoice as the Packers can once again claim the top of this division. Led by breakout star Aaron Rodgers at QB, the Packers are loaded on offense. Ryan Grant will run for over 1100 yards, and most teams won't be able to cover both Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. The defense will be strong too, with A.J. Hawk and Nick Barnett at linebacker and Charles Woodson lurking in the secondary. The Packers have the potential to win 12 games and make a deep playoff run.

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