Friday, August 20, 2010

Countdown Friday: Why I Hate Bud Selig

Compared to the other major sports, I don't show baseball a lot of love. It's not that I hate the sport; I do enjoy watching the occasional MLB game (and I'll definitely be watching the Little League World Series this week). But there are a lot of things to dislike about baseball: it's slow pace, it's extreme lack of parity, or it's absurd player contracts. But the most despicable thing about baseball is without a doubt the man behind the scenes: Bud Selig.

When you here about Roger Goodell on the news, it's because he's laying down the law. When you hear about David Stern, he's coming out of his groundhog hole to make a rare decision. When you hear about Gary Bettman - well - you don't hear about Gary Bettman.

But if you ever hear about Bud Selig, it's always because he screwed something up. So here are the top 10 reasons why I hate Bud Selig.

10. On Behalf of Scott Van Pelt - Van Pelt got suspended for mocking Bud Selig. And Scott Van Pelt is cool.

9. That Stupid Tweed Jacket - That look isn't working. And no, it's not about to make a comeback.

8. The 2002 All-Star Game -  All-Star games should never end in a tie. I don't care if there are no more pitchers. Let the players pitch! Let them hit off a tee! Who the hell cares, just let the kids play.

7. The Current All-Star Game System - It sucks. This time it counts? Home field advantage for winning an all-star game? Ridiculous.

6. The Lack of Parity in the MLB - The same teams make the playoffs every year. The same teams live in the basement of divisions every year. Something has to change.

5. The Ridiculous Amounts of Money that Players Make - It's too much.

4. The Ridiculous Amount of Money that Bud Selig Makes - $18 million in 2007??? Really???

3. The Horrendous Misuse of Instant Replay - Either use it or don't. But this "just home runs" thing isn't working for anyone.

2. He Just Looks Like A D-Bag - Am I right, or am I right?

1. The Blatant Mishandling of the Steroid Scandals - Baseball was on life support in 1994. Steroids resurrected the sport. Everyone was using them, and everyone knew it. It's hard to criticize Selig for looking the other way, at least a little while. But as soon as steroids blew up and took a negative public image, Selig jumped ship. Now people are being indicted, reputations are being ruined, and - worst of all - Jose Canseco keeps writing books.

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