Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

The BCS. It's a bigger buzz kill than Buzz Killington. Not only is there a ton of controversy about it every year, but it is extraordinarily biased and not efficient in picking a real national champion. All of the bigger conferences get preference. It's simply not fair, and it doesn't work. Every year there are teams that have one or two losses that are ranked higher than undefeated teams because of the perceived strength of conferences. Ask Oklahoma about the WAC. Because of this, the schools from "weaker" conferences don't get a shot at the title. Here's a solution: playoffs.

In a recent survey of FBS football players, over 70% said that they would prefer to have a playoff. The fans want it too. So why not? There's too much money involved. College football is worried about losing sponsorships. Their defense is that a playoff would take up too much time and interfere with finals for the students. HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, all those kids definitely are playing for your school because they were concerned about academics. So how can we make the fans and players happy and keep the D1 executives' wallets full? I'm glad I asked.

Let's set up a 16 team playoff, where all conference and division winners qualify. That's 2 from the SEC (East and West), 2 from the new PAC-10, 2 from the new Big 10, 2 from the Big 12, 2 from the ACC, 1 from the Big East, 1 from the WAC, 1 from the MWC, and 1 from the MAC. That leaves 2 at large bids as well. The rankings can be determined by the BCS computers. Then we have these teams play it out. Here's the twist: each game is a bowl. The round that their game is in would be determined based on how much each sponsor pays.The Meineke Car Care Bowl would be a first round game, and the Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi would be a semi-final. If you win 4 games in a row against the best of the best, then you are the undisputed champion.

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