Saturday, January 8, 2011

Casual Wild Card Preview

Saints vs. Seahawks

Given: The Seahawks will go 3 and out or turn the ball over on at least 50% of possessions.
Wild Card: Reggie Bush's semi-intact leg.
Deciding factor: Seattle's inability to play football.
Final Score: Saints 42, Seahawks 17

Jets vs. Colts

Given: Rex Ryan will go to town on a whale-sized snack at halftime.
Wild Card: Peyton Manning's ability to avoid interceptions??? That just doesn't feel right.
Deciding Factor: A rash Mark Sanchez pick during a potential game-tying drive.
Final Score: Colts 31, Jets 24

Ravens vs. Chiefs

Given: Ed Reed will intercept a pass, then make an embarrassingly rash lateral that the Ravens fumble but somehow recover after the ball slips through the hands of 3 Chiefs.
Wild Card: Ray Rice. Will he go off like he did last year against the Patriots?
Deciding Factor: Matt Cassel's playoff inexperience.
Final Score: Ravens 24, Chiefs 13

Packers vs. Eagles

Given: Mike Vick not being incarcerated is bad news for Green Bay.
Wild Card: Andy Ried's head-scratching decisions when it comes to...well, everything.
Deciding Factor: A DeSean Jackson taunt en route to the endzone that goes horribly awry as time expires.
Final Score: Packers 27, Eagles 26

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