Friday, January 7, 2011

NFL Wild Card Playoff Lines

The lines for the Wild Card round of the playoffs have been announced, and from here it looks like easy money. All of the lines are tiny, and I'm taking the favorite in every game. Honestly, how much do you think New Orleans is going to beat Seattle by? 20? Infinity billion? The line is NO -10. It's like they're giving money away. Indy is going to beat an overrated Jets team by at least 7, Baltimore is going to handle a Kansas City team that hasn't beaten anyone worth mentioning this season, and Mike Vick will scramble his way to a close victory over Green bay, but it'll be by a field goal. Here's how it looks:

New Orleans (-10) @ Seattle
New York @ Indianapolis (-2.5)
Baltimore (-3) @ Kansas City
Green Bay @ Philadelphia (-2.5)

P.S. - It was recently brought to my attention that "Kansas" is in "Arkansas". So should Kansas be pronounced "Kan-Saw" or should Arkansas be pronounced how it's spelled? You be the judge.

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