Saturday, January 15, 2011

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Picks

We're back for weekend #2 of the NFL playoffs, perhaps the best weekend of football all year. Here are the picks for the four big games:

#5 Baltimore vs. #2 Pittsburgh
Expectations: An absolutely excellent game of football with a fast pace, hard hits, and a margin of victory under 7 points.
Big Twist: Big Ben breaks both of his feet, but somehow manages to continue playing.
Deciding Factor: When teams are this closely matched, I always like the team that isn't coming off a bye. Never underestimate the power of momentum.
Final Score: Baltimore 27, Pittsburgh 24

#6 Green Bay vs. #1 Atlanta
Expectations: A harsh realization for all of the media members who have already crowned the Packers as NFC champs.
Big Twist: Everyone on the Packers is still injured, remember?
Deciding Factor: Matty Ice.
Final Score: Atlanta 31, Green Bay 24

#4 Seattle vs. #2 Chicago
Expectations: Both teams will try very hard.
Big Twist: Marshawn Lynch struggles to find "beast mode" again.
Deciding Factor: Miracles don't happens happen twice.
Final Score: Chicago 31, Seattle 20

#6 New York vs. #1 New England
Expectations: Lots and lots of trash talk.
Big Twist: The motion of Rex Ryan's wife's feet. Had to get a foot joke in here somewhere.
Deciding Factor: New England being really good at football.
Final Score: New England 38, New York 17

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