Monday, November 15, 2010

Redskins Offer McNabb $78 million Extension


Shortly after being benched for Rex Grossman (wait, he's still in the NFL?), Donovan McNabb was offered a 5 year, $78 million extension ($40 million guaranteed) by the Washington Redskins. That's one heck of an apology right there. I don't really know what to say except for that the Redskins are just proving that they're very good at throwing money away. First it was Albert Haynesworth at 7 years, $100 million, and now it's the 34 year old McNabb. He will be 39 by the time this deal expires, and he's being given $15.6 million per year.

McNabb is a player in decline. Yes, he was once great. The man is a 5-time Pro Bowler. However, this year he has his lowest QB Rating (76) since he became a starter in 2000. His TD-INT ratio is 7-8, his worst ever, and when it comes to accuracy, his INT% (percentage of pass attempts that are intercepted) over the past four seasons has been increasing (1.5%, 1.9%, 2.3%, 2.9%). He should no longer be paid like an elite QB with numbers like that.

I guess the current Redskins front office is more concerned with being really bad than trying to build a winner. Sorry DC.

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