Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 11: Fantasy Football and Power Rankings

Here's a quick look at what happened this week in the fantasy league. Congratulations to The Backside Georges for clinching the Chuck Downfield's Dad's Socks division.

Shut Up Meg101
Bleeding Nipples66
Petey Jones. RB.83
Armchair Quarterback65
Carolina sex panther73
SlapBet Commissioner113
Hocus Pocus125
Captain Insano51
Market St. Marauders68
The Backside Georges107
vick's pooch kick107

And now for some NFL Power Rankings:

5. Philadelphia Eagles (7-3) - Michael Vick is doing what Donovan McNabb couldn't quite do with the Eagles offense. Vick's arm and feet fit in perfectly with the quick receivers. The Eagles have been held below 20 points only twice this season, and those were Kevin Kolb starts.

4. Green Bay Packers (7-3) - The Packers have a great defense. If the offense can avoid another crippling injury, this team could find itself in the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers was definitely the guy to choose in the 2005 draft. Sorry Alex Smith.

3. New York Jets (8-2) - The Jets pulled an escape act for the third week in a row. This team might be making some fans nervous, but it's hard to argue with 8-2. Sanchez is maturing quickly, showing an impressive ability to comeback late in games. Santonio Holmes was a key (and cheap) addition.

2. Atlanta Falcons (8-2) - Atlanta hasn't had the toughest schedule, but don't sell this team short. They had 2 impressive victories (vs. Saints and vs. Ravens) and, unlike some of the other top teams, have won all the games that they should have won. The next two weeks (GB and TB) could prove to be big for the Falcons.

1. New England Patriots (8-2) - The Patriots look good, but not necessarily for reasons that the fans are accustomed to seeing. A defense that plagued the Pats for several years is now proving to be an asset. And the running game is becoming a nice compliment to Tom Brady's arm. The Patriots and Jets both essentially have byes this week (NE vs. Detriot and NYJ vs. Cincinnati). Next week, they'll meet on Monday Night Football, a game that could decide the division. 


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