Monday, November 1, 2010


Peek-a-boo! He's baaaaaack.....

In a stunning move, Randy Moss was waived by the Minnesota Vikings today. Brad Childress gave no reason as to why, which made him appear as clueless and incompetent as ever. Rumors are now swirling about which teams are interested, and the New England Patriots are obviously on the list.

The Buffalo Bills will have the first shot at Moss, given they have the worst record in the NFL. The Patriots have the best record, and therefore will only be able to get Moss if all 30 other teams decide to pass on picking him up. If he is picked up off of waivers, he will be paid $3.4 million over the remainder of the season. If he is not claimed within 24 hours, he will become a free agent.

Moss had 13 catches for 174 yards and 2 TD's  in 4 games with the Minnesota Vikings.


  1. Did you see that he did not appear on todays wire report? Now it sounds like it is Moss or Childress, one will go.

  2. looks like it is now Moss that will go