Friday, October 29, 2010

Countdown Friday: The Top 6 Hated Teams In Sports

We all know that Miami is number 1, so lets countdown 6 though 2.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers - The only thing Pittsburgh has ever been good for? Troy Polamalu's hair commercial. Pittsburgh has never been a "liked" franchise - they win too much, they always flirt with the fine line between big hits and cheap shots, and their fans are obnoxious. Now that their quarterback is officially a rapist, it's safe to say we all hate them even more.

5. New England Patriots - A great way to become hated in sports is to win a few championships in a short period of time. Throw in a cheating scandal, and you've got a recipe for a despised team. The Patriots have become a little harder to hate since their defense started looking like butter against a warm knife, but still, the Spygate ramifications have not fully subsided.

4. L.A. Lakers - The Lakers are just so annoying. Pau Gasol sucks, I don't know how else to put it. And Kobe...Quite possibly the most infuriating personality in sports.

3. Dallas Cowboys - I'm still not sure how the Dallas Cowboys qualify as "America's Team" when so much of America spends week after week rooting for the Cowboys' opponents. From Jerry Jones' obnoxious personality and terrible personel decisions to Tony Romo's completely undeserved stardom, there are plenty of reasons to hate this franchise.

2. New York Yankees - Of course, the New York Yankees are the most-hated franchise on this list. As soon as the whole Miami-mania dies down, expect the Yankees to settle into their their standard position at #1. The Yankees won way too much. And the spending was outrageous. I'm not saying other teams don't spend too much, but you sure can blame NY for the beginning of the free-agent frenzy.