Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fantasy Football: Week 4

A bit of a lull this week, as defense reigned supreme. Here are the results:

The Backside Georges (4-0) def. Hocus Pocus (1-2-1), 119-42
The Backside Georges managed to put up 119 points despite starting Thomas Jones (on a bye). No matter, as Hocus Pocus started a QB and a K on a bye. These shenanegans need to end. Arian Foster had 30 despite sitting out the 1st quarter, and Antonia Gates had 26. 
Bleeding Nipples (2-2) def. bitchesaintshit (1-3), 71-58

Great wide receiver play helped guide Bleeding Nipples to victory, with 11, 11, and 15 from Hackeem Nicks, Brandon Lloyd, and Davone Bess, respectively. bitchesaintshit got a strong showing from MJD (23), but too many players laid an egg.
Carolina Sex Panther (3-1) def. Market St. Marauders (1-3), 80-64
The resurgent LT put up 27 for Carolina Sex Panther. Market St. Marauders was severely crippled by the Mike Vick injury. A healthy QB could have meant a W for the week.

Armchair Quarterback (3-1) def. SlapBet Commissioner (1-3), 85-56
Terrell Owens and Sam Bradford combined for 45. SlapBet Commissioner got respectable performance from Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, but didn't get much help otherwise.

Petey Jones. RB. (3-1) def. NorthEastGrapepicker (0-4), 64-54

In a low-scoring affair, PeteyJones. RB. eked out a victory against the winless NorthEastGrapepicker. Derek Anderson put up an unfortunate -2, though NorthEastGrapepicker can find a bright spot in RB play. Petey Jones. RB. had a couple zeros at WR, but got enough from Mendenhall, Flacco, and Clark.

Shut Up Meg (4-0) def. TwoDat (0-3-1), 81-57
Shut Up Meg matched the predicted total exactly, with help from Zach Miller (18), Drew Brees (15), and Jonathan Stewart (13). TwoDat's leading scorer, the man with four names, posted 13.

MonStars (3-1) def. Nick (1-3), 79-46
MonStars got an absurd performance from the NYG defense, who sacked the Bears quarterbacks 324 times. Nick, who had Jay Cutler, put up -4 at QB.

Captain Insano (2-2) def. Vick's Pooch Kick (2-2), 76-71
In this close matchup, SD's defense led the charge (28) and Kyle Orton (20) put Captain Insano over the top. Peyton Hillis had 16 in a losing effort.

**Special Awards**

Highest Scoring Team: The Backside Georges with 119 points. Be intimidated.
Lowest Scoring Team: Hocus Pocus with 42. Update your roster.
Best Player: The Backside Georges' Arian Foster (again) with 30.
Worst Player: Nick's Jay Cutler with -4. Quite the headache.
Best Matchup: Captain Insano (76) def. Vick's Pooch Kick (71).
Worst Decision: In retrospect, NorthEastGrapepicker starting Derek Anderson (-2) over Brett Favre (on a bye). Sorry about that one.

Next week, the two undefeateds - The Backside Georges and Shut Up Meg - square off.

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