Monday, October 4, 2010

5 Takeaways from Sunday: Week 4

1. This Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Season - Of the 13 games played yesterday, 8 games were decided by 6 points or less. Baltimore-Pittsburgh, Denver-Tennessee, San Francisco-Atlanta, and Indianapolis-Jacksonville all had wild endings. No club is emerging as the "team to beat." We're in for a season with plenty of last second victories.

2. The Eagles Are In Trouble - The Mike Vick injury served as an important reminder: Vick was never meant to be the "franchise" QB for Philadelphia. He's a band-aid. The only problem is, he's miles ahead of the franchise guy. Let me give you a preview of the next 2 seasons for the Eagles: this year, Vick and Kolb split time, with Vick getting hurt every other game. The Eagles go 7-9. Next year, they part ways with Vick and start Kolb, who guides the team to a 4-12 record.

3. The 2010 Colts Are NOT The 2009 Colts - I'm not saying they won't win the division. I'm not saying they won't go to the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning is still Peyton manning. But even so, this team just doesn't have their 2009 mojo. Maybe they miss Bob Sanders. 

4. The Saints' Offense Isn't Clicking - What happened to the Drew Brees touchdown show? In 4 games, New Orleans is averaging 19.75 points per game and the Saints have yet to break the 4-TD barrier. 14 against Minnesota was understandable. But 16 against Carolina? Come on.

5. Detroit Is So Close To Not Sucking - I don't understand how this team is 0-4. They lost a sham of a game to the Bears in Week 1, saw a miracle comeback fall just short against the Eagles in Week 2, and nearly pulled of an incredible upset vs. Green Bay in week 4. On average, Detroit is losing each game by less than 1 TD. Maybe next year, with and experienced Best in the backfield and a healthy Stafford under center, this team will go somewhere.

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