Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Takeaways From Sunday: Week 7

1. The Broncos Are A Disgrace - Props to the Raiders for some excellent play. I hope they make they playoffs, and they very well could win that division. But Denver? Come on. Letting the perennial basement dwellers of the AFC West hang 59 points at you at home in the first 3 quarters? There's no coming back from that.

2. Brett Favre Is Old - Just wanted to get that in here again.

3. Kevin Kolb Is No Mike Vick - Obviously. He isn't terrible. But he just isn't a dynamic playmaker. Let the era of mediocrity begin.

4. The Browns Are On The Upswing - I'm not going to get carried away. They won't win the division this year. But who knows, they might not finish in last. Of course it was just one game, but an upset of the Super Bowl champs in their home stadium is a big deal. I'm more impressed with how the Browns did it: defense. Cleveland will have a chance in every game if their defense can force a few turnovers.

5. There Is More Parody In This League Than There Has Been For A Decade - We're only 7 weeks in, and there are no undefeated teams and there's only one winless team. More impressively, there is only one division in which the division leader has a lead of more than one game (and it's the AFC West with the Chiefs, go figure). Four divisions either have ties at the top or teams 1 and 2 are separated by half a game.