Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fantasy Football: Week 5

Byes are becoming a big factor for coaches to consider. Here are the results:

The Backside Georges (5-0) def. Shut Up Meg (4-1), 94-67
And then there was one. The Backside Georges took the battle of the undefeateds by a 27 point margin. In a bizarre occurrence, kicker Josh Scobee led all scorers with 22. Cendric Benson put up 17 for Shut Up Meg.

Petey Jones. RB. (4-1) def. Market St. Marauders (1-4), 79-68
Petey Jones. RB. got big performances from the Philadelphia defense (18), Roddy White (16), and Joe Flacco (15). Market St. Marauders fell victim to a non-updated roster. Get in the game.

Carolina Sex Panthers (4-1) def. MonStars (3-2), 95-71
With the win, Carolina Sex Panthers is now tied for first in Coach Boone's Dictatorship. Excluding a goose egg from Anquan Boldin, Carolina Sex Panther got huge WR play. The K and DEF positions helped, combining for 29. MonStars got 25 from Chris Johnson, but didn't get enough help from the remainder of the roster.

bitchesaintshit (2-3) def. Nick (1-4), 62-51
In a low-scoring affair, bitchesainshit edged Nick behind 21 from Shaun Hill. I wish there were more good things to say about either team.

Hocus Pocus (2-2-1) def. Vick's Pooch Kick (2-3), 89-77
In much needed awakenings, Tony Romo put up 22 puts and LeSean McCoy got 19. Vick's Pooch Kick kept it close with 27 from Ray Rice and 13 from Jay Feely, but a 2-spot from Matt Schaub was too much to overcome.

Captain Insano (3-2) def. NorthEastGrapepicker (0-5) 63-34
I would equate this matchup to Rams vs. Lions. Boy, it was an ugly one. Kyle Orton led all with 20. NorthEastGrapepicker couldn't break double digits with any player.

TwoDat (1-3-1) def. SlapBet Commissioner (1-4), 114-71
SlapBet Commissioner got 30 from Matt Forte, but unfortunately ran into an unbelievable week from TwoDat. Malcolm Floyd had 27, Donovan McNabb had 17, and Michael Turner/Jason Witten each had 14.

Bleeding Nipples (3-2) def. Armchair Quarterback (3-2), 105-63
This one was never close. Bleeding Nipples got 50 points from Hakeem Nicks/Brandon Lloyd (25 each) and 19 from QB Eli Manning. Terrell Owens led Armchair Quarterback's team with 16.

**Special Awards**
Highest Scoring Team: TwoDat with 114 points. Nice way to get win number one.
Lowest Scoring Team:  NorthEastGrapepicker with 34. Ugh...
Best Player: I'm not going by points this week. Josh Scobee gets the award, for 22. He's a kicker!
Worst Player: Shut Up Meg's defense, STL with -3.
Best Matchup: Hocus Pocus (89) def. Vick's Pooch Kick (77).
Worst Decision: Shut Up Meg needed a defense to fill a bye, and had it narrowed down to St. Louis or Detroit. The Rams defense put up -3. The Lions? Try 26.

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