Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fantasy Football: Week 3

After another great week, some trends are beginning to emerge. Here all the results:

Shut Up Meg (3-0) def. Market St. Marauders (1-2), 100-93
In one of this week's closest match-ups, Shut Up Meg managed to stay undefeated with a 7-point win. Drew Brees (22), Cedric Benson (20), and the Pittsburgh defense (18) helped Shut Up Meg reach the century mark. Market St. Marauders got some huge performances from Mike Vick and Adrian Peterson (32 and 31, respectively) but didn't get enough help from the supporting cast.

Petey Jones. RB. (2-1) def. Bleeding Nipples (1-2), 108-77
Petey Jones. RB. had six players in double digits, including a finally effective Joe Flacco, with 22. Bleeding Nipples got some help from Brandon Lloyd, who also had 22, but was let down by two Redskins, Portis and Davis, who combined for 6 points.

Carolina Sex Panther (2-1) def. Nick (1-2), 114-57
Carolina Sex Panther put an absolute hurting on Nick, with great performances pretty much across the board. Austin Collie led all scorers with 29, and Matt Ryan helped the cause with 19. It seems like a bit of a shame, however, to have a 114 point week when a 58 point week would have done the trick. 

Hocus Pocus (1-1-1) tied TwoDat (0-2-1), 83-83
I didn't even know you could tie. (Coincidentally, TwoDat's starting QB was none other than Donovan McNabb). Hocus Pocus went into the Monday Night Football game needing 8 points from Devin Hester to win. Hester put up 7, four yards short of point #8. Michael Turner led all scorers in this one with 18.

vick's pooch kick (2-1) def. bitchesaintshit (1-2), 95-82
The most perfect human on the earth Tom Brady led the charge for bitchesaintshit with 22 points. Unfortunately, that charge fell short, as vick's pooch kick got 23 from Peyton Hillis and 20 from Jeremy Maclin.

Captain Insano (1-2) def. SlapBet Commissioner (1-2), 79-68
Captain Insano got a remarkable 22 points from Kyle Orton (against the Colts, nonetheless) and 11 points from Jermichael Finley. SlapBet Commissioner needed a big Monday night performance from Matt Forte, but Forte managed just 3 points.

MonStars (2-1) def. NorthEastGrapepicker (0-3), 109-68
NorthEastGrapepicker's scoring woes continue. This week, Brandon Marshall did help with 22, but Favre was once again stuck in single digits and the RB's combined for 9. MonStars got huge performances from DeSean Jackson (21) and Chris Johnson (24).

The Backside Georges (3-0) def. Armchair Quarterback (2-1), 100-58
The Backside Georges are the only other undefeated team left after winning against the previously unbeaten Armchair Quarterback. Armchair Quarterback had only 2 players in double digits and also decided to start 2 wide receivers instead of the normal 3. The Backside Georges got 22 points each from Aaron Rogers and Mike Wallace.

**Special Awards**Highest Scoring Team: Carolina Sex Panther with 114 points. Great stuff.
Lowest Scoring Team: Nick with 57. Shonn Greene really doesn't have it this year.
Best Player: Market St. Marauder's Michael Vick with 32. Woof.
Worst Player: A few zeros, but no negatives this week.
Best Matchup: Hocus Pocus (83) vs. TwoDat (83). Couldn't have been any closer.
Worst Decision: TwoDat starting Miami's defense against the Jets (1 point) instead of Cincinnati's D against the Panthers (13 points).

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