Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Ode to September

Well, we've made it through 2 weeks of NFL predictions and emerged a better group of casual sports fans. Or something like that. Anyway, for those of you who enjoyed the segment, thanks for reading. For those of you who were less than interested, thanks for sticking it out.

Now, it's time for something new. And what better place to start than the greatest month of the year?

Don't get me wrong; I love summer just as much as the next guy. Those days at the beach, grill sessions on the patio, the lack of school - what's not to love?

Sports, he said, answering his own rhetorical question. But lucky for us, September has arrived. Here are my favorite things about month number nine:

The NFL Season Begins - This one is a given. No explanation necessary.

Baseball Finally Matters - I've been complaining about baseball for quite some time. The first five-ish months of the regular season just don't do it for me. But we've finally reached the exciting games - the division contests, even a triple crown race - will all be settled soon.

College Football is Back - There are so many things that are wrong with college football. But I still can't get enough of it. There's nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning and finding a game that's just kicking off.

The MLS Pushes Towards the Playoffs - I like soccer, and I'm not ashamed.

Basketball Gives it a Rest - I enjoy the NBA from time to time. But not ALL the time. With a season that tips in October and wraps up in June, the only months left for a break are July, August, and September. Of course the NBA summer league and free agency get a fair amount of coverage during the first two months. Finally, a basketball free month.

Now that fall is on the way - as school starts up again, as the weather gets a little cooler, as some Virgos and Libras celebrate birthdays - please, enjoy your September.

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