Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Notes From Sunday

Where did this guy come from?

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday, my bad. I was too busy sitting in front of the TV for 11 straight hours watching football until my eyes bled. Anyways, I have a few things of note I'd like to bring up here. Why, you may ask? Because I have a blog and I can. So there.

1) Albert Haynesworth is fat and overrated. The Redskins, despite an anemic offense, were able to upset every one's pick to win the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys. The 'Skins defense was impressive despite a lack of any sort of contribution from their highest paid player. They can win without him, and something tells me they will.

2) Chris Johnson is really, really good at football. And Vince Young wins football games. Yes, I know that the Titans played the Raiders, but they were still very impressive. This team can play ball. The AFC South is going to be a heck of a division this year.

3) Calvin Johnson's catch was a catch, and the Lions should have beat the Bears. You can not tell me that he did not have full control of the ball. He got both feet down, and landed on his side while showing the ball to the ref, then went to get up and celebrate winning the game when he put the ball down. That is not a loss of possession. He had control of the ball and was across the goal line. That's a TD.

4) The Patriots have still got it, and the Bengals are not good. The reason the Bengals were so good last year? They're an above average team who played an easy schedule. The Patriots looked sharp, fast, and hungry. I was impressed. They certainly looked like a team that could make a playoff run come January.

5) Arian Foster just became the biggest late round pick/free agent pickup in fantasy history. Seriously, has any guy in recent memory had such an incredible Week 1? I'm sure in some 8 and 10 team leagues he wasn't drafted. 231 yards, 3TDs. That's huge. You know what else is huge? He isn't splitting carries in Houston. He is the man, which is hard to come by in today's NFL. And everyone who drafted him, don't pretend like you knew what you had, you got lucky. Nobody's fooled.

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