Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fantasy Football: Week 2

In Week 2, the excitement shows no signs of dying. Let's take a look at the match-ups:

Vick's Pooch Kick (1-1) def. TwoDat (0-2), 90-86
In a tight matchup, 29 points from Matt Schaub helped guide Vick's Pooch Kick to victory. TwoDat certainly must feel let down by his WRs: trailing by only 9 points going into the Monday night matchup, TwoDat managed only 8 points between wideouts Marques Colston and Devery Henderson. Crabtree's 3 points was enough for Vick's Pooch Kick to put this one just out of reach.

Armchair Quarterback (2-0) def. NorthEastGrapepicker (0-2), 109-47
In the rout of the week, Armchair Quarterback was propelled by 40 points from Lions RB Jahvid Best. NorthEastGrapepicker had only one player (Joseph Addai) in double figures.

The Backside Georges (2-0) def. SlapBet Commissioner (1-1), 99-88
In a good matchup, SlapBet Commissioner just couldn't quite the necessary production from Robert Meachum in order to attempt a Monday night comeback. The Backside Georges followed the 26 points from Aaron Rodgers, as well as a 17 and 13 spot from Antonio Gates and Calvin Johnson, respectively. Arian Foster was mortal this week, scoring 12.

Market St. Marauders (1-1) def. bitchesaintshit (1-1), 81-64
Market St. Marauders can be pleased with the acquisition of Mike Vick, who scored 22. Adrian Peterson's 24 points certainly didn't hurt either. bitchesaintshit was devastated by running backs, who combined for 3 points.

Hocus Pocus (1-1) def. Bleeding Nipples (1-1), 105-68
After talking some trash at the end of Week 1, Bleeding Nipples got annihilated by Hocus Pocus. RBs for Hocus Pocus combined for 58 (!!!) points. LeSean McCoy led all with 30.

Nick (1-1) def. Captain Insano (0-2), 80-71
At least it wasn't another 40 point week for Captain Insano. Still, you have to wonder what would have been if the captain hadn't started KEVIN KOLB at quarterback. Jay Cutler was the MVP in this one, with 23 points.

Carolina Sex Panther (1-1) def. Petey Jones. RB. (1-1), 64-52
Bit of an upset here, folks. A low-scoring upset. Carolina Sex Panther, despite the rather unorthodox decision to start only 1 RB and no TE, was able to pull out the victory. 

Shut Up Meg (2-0) def. MonStars (1-1), 88-57
This was the week to have Pittsburgh's D, as those 28 points gave a big boost to Shut Up Meg. On the other side of the same game, Chris Johnson managed only 1 point for MonStars.

**Special Awards**
Highest Scoring Team: Armchair Quarterback with 109 points. Excellent work.

Lowest Scoring Team: NorthEast Grapepicker with 47. BENCH BRETT!
Best Player: Armchair Quarterback's Javhid Best with 40. Another surprise RB.
Worst Player: NorthEast Grapepicker's Brett Favre (and a handful of others), with a bagel.
Best Matchup: Vick's Pooch Kick (90), TwoDat (86). A real nail-biter.
Worst Decision: Captain Insano, for starting an injured Kevin Kolb. Cost you a W.