Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why I Love College Football

I love the south.

So the college football season kicked off yesterday, and I loved every minute of it. The run to a national championship has begun. College football is one of my favorite things because anything can happen. Appalachian State can beat Michigan in The Big House. Boise State can upset Oklahoma and take the Fiesta Bowl title. And Ole Miss (SEC) can be beaten by Jacksonville State (Ohio Valley Conference).

The passion and excitement that these young men bring to every game is enthralling. There are no paychecks, there is no showboating, there are no reality shows. This is football played at a very high level in its purest form: for the love of the game. For that reason, I find that even despite a reasonable way to find a national champion, the game is still incredible to watch. For those of you who missed out yesterday, make sure to tune in to Virginia Tech vs. Boise State on Monday night. For some of these players, their dreams of winning a title in their final season will live another week or be crushed.

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