Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hilarious Headline of The Day

"Heat To Hold Camp At Eglin Air Force Base To Find Some Privacy"

Irony. Suddenly, Miami wants some "privacy" for its big stars.

It will be the first time the Heat have held camp outside of South Florida in 23 years. On another note, I'd like to ask the simple question: will this team be good for the NBA?

No. The NBA is a superstar league (unfortunately). What the Heat have done is taken 3 superstars and brought them all to play in a somewhat unsuccessful market. That's, in effect, 2 fewer superstars for the NBA to sell.

But what everyone is forgetting is a basic truth about the NBA: the regular season doesn't matter. At all. It isn't like football, where every game seems so important. Even though the Heat have the "New Big Three," casual basketball fans still won't really care until the playoffs.

And the Heat will get bounced in the Conference Finals. You heard it here first.

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