Monday, September 20, 2010

5 Takeaways from Sunday

1. Jahvid Best can tear it up - While calling him "the next Berry Sanders" might be a little premature, Detroit sure has a player on their hands. Who knows, once Stafford gets healthy, this team could finally become relevant.

2. Mark Sanchez might not suck - I know, I have a hard time believing it myself. But the Jets will be unstoppable this year if their passing attack looks like it did against the Patriots' secondary. Then again, it was the Patriots' secondary.

3. Peyton is so much better than Eli - But we knew that already.

4. The Cowboys (still) don't deserve the hype - A plethora of TV analysts picked these guys to win the Super Bowl, or at least go deep into the playoffs. I was skeptical then, and I'm even more annoyed by the praise that Dallas received now that they're 0-2. And it isn't like their schedule was hard. I'm not saying the Cowboys will definitely miss the playoffs, but don't expect big things out of this team.

5. Brett Favre is too old - Three INTs against Miami's "stalwart" defense? Finally, the wheels come off for the 82-year-old QB. And I couldn't be happier.


  1. You don't know anything until week 4 so stop guessing.

  2. Agree with everything! Vince Young and Jason Campbell worth honorable mentions too.

  3. I'll give you Jason Campbell, but I think we knew that already. Vince Young is a mediocre quarterback who was overmatched by a great defense. I think he'll be OK this season, but not the godsend everyone wants him to be.