Monday, September 6, 2010

The Week Ahead


It's been a wHile since we've done a preview of the week ahead, but I thought it was especially important this time around. Why? Because this week is awesome. Sports took a vacation just like the rest of us, but they're back now and even better than they were before they left. Here are five things that I'm looking forward to this week:

1. Boise State vs. Virginia Tech -  Every year it seems, college football treats us to a top 10 matchup during the first week of play. This game, of course, comes at the expense of one team's title hopes. But it sure is a great game to watch. I don't see why this year's matchup should be any different.

2. US Open Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals - Good tennis is fun to watch. During the first week of any grand slam, you get a few intense matches but most of them are straight set victories for superior players. But in the second week, shit hits the fan and things get crazy. The US Open is, I think, the most fun grand slam tournament to watch. And week 2 is the most fun week of any tournament. We all learned in math class that fun + fun = super fun.

3. NFL Season Opener and Week 1 - It's finally here. Time to put predictions aside and watch actual games. Thursday night's kickoff is sure to be an excellent game. Here's to sitting in front of the TV all Sunday long.

4.  Giants vs. Padres - Baseball is nearing the home stretch, and there are some compelling series on the horizon. One such series will take place over the weekend, with the top two teams in the NL West facing off. The Giants have the chance to capitalize on what could turn out to be an unbelievable choke job by the Padres, who've dropped 10 in a row.

5. Michigan vs. Notre Dame - This is always an excellent rivalry game. Even though these teams are not title contenders, this year's meeting still has a "rich" backstory (get it?). Michigan and Notre Dame both have relatively new coaches and new quarterbacks with something to prove. And they both looked great in game one.

Enjoy the week! I know I will.

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