Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fantasy Football: Playoff Preview

It's that time of the year. This season's top six teams will compete for fantasy football supremacy and all the glory that comes with it. Here's a look at the upcoming postseason.

(1) The Backside Georges (12-2, 1st place Chuck Downfield's Dad's Socks)

The Backside Georges wowed everyone by putting up enormous points all season despite a notable absence during the draft. Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster paved the way for this 12 win season and a point total (1279) that led the entire league.

(2) Petey Jones. RB. (10-4, 1st place Rod Tidwell's Money)

Petey Jones. RB. never dominated matchups but always seemed to come out on top anyway. The team was led by Rashard Mendenhall and Roddy White, who consistently put up huge numbers. Petey Jones. RB. enters the playoffs, however, with a 1-2 record over the last 3 games.

(3) Monstars (9-5, 1st place Coach Boone's Dictatorship) vs. (6) Hocus Pocus (8-5-1, WC #2)

Neither of these two squads clinched a playoff birth until the very last week of the season. Though they finished strong, each team was plagued all season by inconsistency. This matchup screams upset. The Bills will have a great day in Miami, and Jackson, Fitzpatrick and Johnson will guide Hocus Pocus to victory.
Prediction: Hocus Pocus 95, MonStars 88

(4) TwoDat (7-5-2, 1st place Shane Falco's Sentinals) vs. (5) Armchair Quarterback (10-4, WC #1)

The predicted points make this game a pick 'em. TwoDat struggled early in the season, but finished on a tear to make the playoffs. Armchair Quarterback won and won often, but only broke 100 points twice. The edge in this matchup - a rematch of week 14 - goes to TwoDat. TwoDat ranks second among all teams with 1258 total points, compared to just 1071 (10th in the league) for Armchair Quarterback.

Prediction: TwoDat 102, Armchair Quarterback 82

Semifinal predictions:

Petey Jones. RB. over Hocus Pocus
TwoDat over The Backside Georges

Championship Prediction:

Petey Jones. RB. over TwoDat

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