Friday, December 10, 2010

Beyond Dali: A Day with a Modern Art"est"

Today, we have a post from a very special guest. Enjoy.

From Kyle Brotzman (too soon?), New York IslandersRich RodriguezCleveland sportsTiger WoodsRex Ryan's diet, to Derek Anderson, the world of sports loves the "train wreck."

In a deviation from his numerous articles on the sappier side of sports, Rick Reilly indulges in the exact opposite: a "day in the life" piece on one of the more controversial, and for all the wrong reasons, figures in the NBA: Ron Artest.

After reading the article, one is left with many reactions. Here are a select few that you are likely to encounter.

1. I need to go to my therapist more often.
2. What are the foster parent agencies doing in SoCal, other than sleeping at the wheel?
3. Finally! I understand the triangle offense.
4. Maybe I should taper for my exams, that's why I never do well: I simply have too much knowledge.
5. You can rent Lamborghini's?
6. Scratch my plans to become a boxer.

What's more, how long does it take to forgive and possibly forget, if ever, athletes. While the "Malice at the Palace" is now over 6 years behind us, it still feels like the defining moment for Ron Artest, even though he has gone on to be one of the NBA's best defenders and help the LA Lakers win a title. When the name Ron Artest comes up, I think of the brawl: will this ever change?

Is it fair? What about Tiger Woods, and other athletes with notable blunders?

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