Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fantasy Football: Week 12

Division races are heating up. Only two more weeks until the playoffs!

The Backside Georges (11-1), def. Petey Jones. RB. (9-3) 94-79
In a matchup of the two best teams in the league, The Backside Georges came away with the victory behind strong QB play (25 from Aaron Rodgers) and a solid running performance by who else, Arian Foster (21 points). Petey Jones. RB. got a solid 17 from Flacco, 18 from Mendenhall, and 10 from Felix Jones, but saw only 10 total points at the WR position.
Bleeding Nipples (7-4-1) def. Market St. Marauders (2-9-1) 106-70
Bleeding Nipples could have the strongest WR lineup. This week, Brandon Lloyd put up 19 and Dwayne Bowe notched a gentleman's 35. Market St. Marauders got an incredible performance from NYJ DEF (22), but it simply wasn't enough.

SlapBetCommissioner (5-6-1), def. MonStars (7-5), 74-44
It was an ugly week for MonStars, who fell out of the division lead with the loss. Only one player managed to crack double digits, and that was Greg Jennings with 11. SlapBetCommissioner had a strong showing, with 14 points from Knowshon Moreno, 13 from Matt Forte, and 11 from Peyton Manning.

Armchair Quarterback (8-4) def. Shut Up Meg (7-5) 72-71
What a close matchup this was. It was a brutal loss for Shut Up Meg, who has slipped out of playoff position as a result. David Acres led the charge for Armchair Quarterback with 15, and Jon Kitna had 12. Shut Up Meg got 27 from Wes Welker, but a -3 from Lee Evans was the deciding factor.

Hocus Pocus (7-4-1) def. Captain Insano (4-8), 93-71
There were far too many zeros on the scoreboard for Captain Insano (four, to be exact). Poor performances 25 points from Kyle Orton and 24 points from the San Diego DEF. Hocus Pocus got 23 from Deion Branch. However, Frank Gore is now on the IR, so Hocus Pocus could have some trouble in the running game in the next few weeks.

Nick (2-10) def. NorthEastGrapepicker (0-11-1), 51-47
In the battle of the scrubs, Nick escaped with a 4 point win. It was perhaps NorthEastGrapepicker's last chance to notch a W. A combined total of 0 at the RB position typical results in a loss. And it did.

TwoDat (6-4-2) def. bitchesaintshit (4-8), 79-76
With a narrow victory, TwoDat has vaulted himself back into the playoff race. Jamaal Charles and Michael Turner combined for 37 points. Both teams had poor WR play (12 points each for WRs). The decisive factor was the TE. Jason Witten put up 9 for Twodat, while bichesaintshit got just 1 from Aaron Hernandez.

vick's pooch kick (7-4-1) def. Carolina Sex Panther (6-6), 120-78 
Carolina Sex Panther, who once held the division lead, is now in last place in the very competitive Coach Boone's Dictatorship. vick's pooch kick, who sat at the basement of the division for quite some time, has claimed the lead and is looking like a playoff team. Peyton Hillis had 37 in the win.

**Special Awards**

Highest Scoring Team: vick's pooch kick with 120. Thanks Peyton Hillis
Lowest Scoring Team: MonStars with 44. Bad time to lay an egg.
Best Player: vick's pooch kick's Peyton Hillis with 37. How's Brady Quinn, Denver?
Worst Player: Shut Up Meg's Lee Evans with -3. Cost the team a W.
Best Matchup: Armchair Quarterback (72) vs. Shut Up Meg (71)
Worst Decision: Shut Up Meg, for putting faith in a Buffalo Bill

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