Thursday, December 2, 2010

10 Reasons Why It's A Terrible Idea To Let Qatar Host The World Cup

It is difficult to describe the events that took place at the FIFA Headquarters this morning without using the word "abomination." The decision to send the 2018 World Cup to Russia is peculiar, but at the very least, understandable. I like that FIFA is allowing countries to host the tournament in an effort to increase the relevance of soccer in that area. After all, that's how the U.S. got its bid in 1994.

The choice of Qatar to host in 2022, however, defies all reason. I can't think of an instance in the last 20 years where a less qualified country was selected to host the World Cup tournament or Olympic Games. Even Australia, which successfully hosted the Sydney games in 2000, would have been a better choice (Australia got eliminated in Round 1 of voting).

Here are 10 reasons why the FIFA committee made a huge mistake:

1. The Qatar soccer team will actually be in the World Cup - What a joke.

2. It's hot as Hell - Try 120 degrees.

3. It sets a terrible precedent that the World Cup can be bought - Of course, I don't have any evidence to say this guy or that guy took bribes. But come on. I wasn't born yesterday.

4. Purely in terms of soccer, the Middle East hasn't earned it yet - Several teams from the Middle East have participated in the World Cup and have performed respectably. Still, their performances simple don't justify a bid, not yet.

5. Qatar has little soccer tradition - They've never even qualified for a World Cup.

6. It raises lots of questions about the influence of oil money in world soccer - Who knows how far it reaches.

7. It's smaller than Connecticut - I'm actually not joking about that.

8. FIFA is taking too much of a gamble - If this doesn't work, there could be some serious backlash against FIFA.

9. Qatar has to spend $50 billion to create the necessary infrastructure - That means that it doesn't exist yet.

10. Qatar's soccer stadiums are made of pixels:

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  1. Who wants to play soccer in a rubik's cube?