Friday, December 31, 2010

Countdown Friday: The Top 10 Headlines of 2010

10. Landon Donovan's Game-Winner Puts the U.S. Through to the Round of 16 - What a moment for American soccer.

9. Pitching Perfection - 2 perfect games, a "near-perfect" game, and 4 no-hitters (including one in the postseason!). How do you like them apples?

8. The Giants Win the Pennant! And the World Series Too - Behind great pitching and some timely hitting, the Giants were surprising champions.

7. A Bunch of Stuff Happens To Tiger Woods - I don't need to repeat it all; you get it by now.

6. Lakers Go Back-to-Back - Every time the Lakers win a championship, a puppy dies

5. Lebron James Douches It Up on National Television - Excuse me, I meant "takes his talents to South Beach."

4. Saints Win Their First Super Bowl - It's hard not to like this story. Unless you're a Colts fan.

3. Canada Beats US is a Dramatic Olympic Conclusion - Hard to believe that the 2010 Olympics were, in fact, this year.

2. Butler Takes Cinderella Team to NCAA Finals - The Bulldogs were a fraction of an inch from winning it all.

1. Spain Wins The World Cup - It's the most celebrated tournament in the sports world, and this year, the trophy belongs to the Spanish.

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