Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Who are the teams that no one is talking about, but should be? Which teams are about to see a nosedive in their metaphorical stock? Let's discuss.

The Three Most Underrated Teams:

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Could we have 2 wild card teams from the NFC South in the playoffs? I think so. The Bucs are my sleeper pick to grab the 6 seed. Realistically, Tampa could be playing a New Orleans team with nothing to gain in Week 17 for a chance to get in. This team isn't flashy, nor is it a media darling. But the Bucs have remained competitive in nearly every game this season.

2. San Diego Chargers - Still on the outside looking in, the Chargers very well could miss the playoffs this year. But if the Chiefs falter (which is very possible), and the Chargers are playing in January, then lookout. San Diego ranks first in the league in total defense and second in total offense.

1. Atlanta Falcons - It's hard to believe that the best team in the NFC is the most underrated team in football. But the Atlanta Falcons, despite an 11-2 record, still aren't getting the credit they deserve. Matt Ryan should be right next to Tom Brady in the MVP conversation. Michael Turner is having a great season, and Roddy White could be the best WR in the game.

The Three Most Overrated Teams

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - As much as I enjoy rooting for the underdogs, I don't expect much from this team. The Jags, despite leading the AFC South, have a point differential of negative 36. They're in the red! That's only one better than 5-8 San Francisco. Jacksonville has a few good wins, such as the Week 4 W vs. Indy, but the Jaguars have taken several drubbings. They lost 38-13 against San Diego, 28-3 against Philadelphia, 30-3 against Tennessee, and 42-20 against Kansas City.

2. Chicago Bears - This team has some great victories on the season. So why are the overrated? Well, it starts with the quarterback. Jay Cutler is a time bomb. The Patriots showed what happens if the Bears have to throw in the red zone. Couple that with a running game that has been inconsistant, and you've found a team that won't win a playoff game.

1. New York Jets - Kick 'em while there down (I will). The Jets have only one quality victory this season, and it came all the way back in Week 2 against the Patriots. Rex Ryan's squad has benefited from a relatively easy schedule, but when the good teams come to down, the Jets lose. New York is just 2-4 against teams with winning percentages over .500 with 7 wins coming against sub .500 teams. We should learn more about Mark Sanchez (specifically that he's not there yet) in Pittsburgh this week.

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