Monday, July 5, 2010

What I'm Looking Forward to This Week

Here are the things that I can't wait for this week:

The Final Four - This week in South Africa should be just as exciting as the last one. My picks? Netherlands over Uruguay 2-0, Germany over Spain 3-1, and your World Cup champion Netherlands defeats Germany in the final, 2-1.

Putting Ink To Paper
- NBA free agent signing period begins Thursday, July 8th. So while free agency "began" on July 1st, we're fast approaching on the first day that actually matters.

50% In The Books - As we approach the All-Star break in baseball, I'll actually check the papers and see what's what. How are the Expos doing this year?

The MLL All-Star Game - I know. I felt more than a small amount of shame writing that. But it's not too far away, and I might actually go. I'll just have to make sure I learn the rules of lacrosse first.

And if you weren't around for my 4th of July BBQ, you missed me doing this.

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