Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twist: LeBron to Flint

Many of you are counting down the minutes until Thursday at 9 p.m, when The LeBron James Three Ring Circus shows off its final act.

But wait no more. A source who wished to remain anonymous and definitely isn't made up has reported that Jackie Moon, owner of the Flint Tropics, has offered LeBron James an unprecedented infinity-billion dollar deal.

According to our source, LeBron has accepted the deal, and "cannot wait to perfect the newly invented alley-oop with Clarance 'Coffee Black/Sugar Dunkerton/Downtown Funky Stuff Malone' Withers."

This move virtually guarantees that the Flint Tropics will finish above 4th-place.

"Love Me Sexy," indeed.


  1. Though you choose to make fun of the hype by mocking it, I find just observing the hype is joke enough. Check out this gem.

    Yes, the word "mondo" was used in the article - like forrealsies.

  2. Ha ha great stuff. I can't wait until this is all over.